Posture, flexibility, endurance, and strength of the muscular system are very important to ensure that your structure is supported. If the bones, joints, and discs of your structure support the weight of your body, they will wear out faster and may lead to early arthritis. If the muscle supports your structure, the joint does less and will not wear as quickly. Obviously, healthy muscles are important to proper spine health and the good news is that you can improve these muscles by spending only a few minutes each day. Weight bearing or anabolic exercises are very effective. Anabolic exercises build your muscular system and give it the power to support your structure.
There are several different ways to build muscles and they range from standard gyms memberships, P-90X, and a variety of other physical activities. The only problem with strength training is a majority of people start at this point without first addressing the other issues in their musculoskeletal system. Before starting any program please stop by for a free evaluation to determine your health level, and how to accomplish your goals fastest.