Muscles support your structure, that’s their second function. Your skeleton would fall apart if your muscular system were to fatigue, quit working, relax everything, and get all loose. This can never happen, so your body does not allow it. A tired muscle cannot contract and relax like it needs to when moving or supporting you, so it adapts. Recruitment, guarding, and splinting are some of the ways that the body adapts to weakness. Instead of getting loose when it fatigues, the muscle does the opposite and locks in contraction. What that means to you is that when you are tired you get tighter. This leads to chronically sore tight muscles, trigger points, tension, and stress. If you suffer from these conditions I guarantee that the postural system which supports your structure has no endurance. Endurance is not something that is built overnight so the best advice is to start NOW. A good way to start is to give us a call and let us develop a custom program that’s tailored to your needs. How long do your muscles last?