Living Health Tips

Simple Tips to Getting Healthier

Drink Plenty of Water

Studies have shown that not drinking an adequate amount of water can lead to back pain. That is because your body gets dehydrated.

As a result your muscles start to spasm and clinch causing pain. A quick way to remedy this is to drink 40 to 50% of your body weight in water each day.

So if you weigh 180 pounds you should consume 72 to 90 ounces of water each day.

Get a Good Night Sleep

Your body needs sleep to regenerate and repair itself. Simply put your body cannot repair itself if it is working. It is highly recommended that you get 8 hours of restful sleep each night. A good tip is to create a peaceful environment to sleep in.

Shut the lights and TV and clear your mind and prepare for regeneration. If you are still having trouble sleeping it may be due to using the wrong mattress and or the incorrect pillows.

This can lead to terrible back pain. The best thing to do is stop by for a free consultation.

Quit Smoking

No more simple truth was ever uttered. It is one of the most destructive things that you can do to your body overall.

From a chiropractic perspective smoking is a horrible choice because it depletes neurotransmitters and destroys your nervous system leading to increased cases of ALS, MS, seizers, Alzheimer’s etc.

The best thing you can do is quit. There are many strategies that we can discuss with you.

Cut Back on Alcohol

Obviously there are many reasons to limit your intake of alcohol. From a chiropractic perspective you will not heal if you chronically drink. Secondly, Alcohol is a desiccant.

That means it dries you out. That is not the same thing as dehydration. It is much worse. Dehydration is the lack of fluid intake. Desiccation is the drying out of water from your cells. In laymen’s terms Alcohol steals fluid from your body.

Your joints need fluid to function properly and without lubrication they wear out faster. For optimal health it is recommended that you do not drink alcohol daily.

Limit Caffeine

Studies have shown that the intake of too much caffeine can be very harmful to your health it increases your blood pressure, prevents adequate sleep and rest, increases stress levels etc.

From a chiropractic perspective it leads to increased adrenal gland production, which leads to higher levels of stress.

Stress attacks the body and causes pain. It also leads to higher levels of acidity in your blood, which leads to calcium being depleted from your bones and teeth. Weak bones are a recipe to poor spinal health and increased risk of osteoporosis.

Please limit yourself to no more than 100 milligrams a day. That is the equivalent to about a can of soda or two cups of coffee a day.