Is Chiropractic Safe?

Simply put yes it is. With that said, the truth is in our profession, like all professions, there are those who are excellent and you would refer your family and friends to and there are those that should be avoided. When you make decisions related to your health it is important to understand your options and be informed about different approaches that may exist.

Chiropractic is safe as it is a complementary form of medicine that is non-invasive. Chiropractic focuses on the cause of the problem and uses many tools to restore function to the body. In our office there are very conservative ways to move your muscles and joints to more aggressive ways. At all times safety is our primary concern.

Further, at We Got Your Back we believe in safety through technology. I only tailor a treatment program after a complete examination and x-rays are taken to help rule out underlying conditions. Usually if there is an issue of safety, the proper procedures were not followed. As a majority of the time a bad problem that already exists is made worse, when either missed or ignored by the doctor. Accidents happen, but a lot can be done to prevent them by doing the right thing every time.

In summing up our approach, clear expectations, communication, accountability, and procedure are the ways that we make your chiropractic experience not only safe but effective. We would welcome the opportunity to answer any questions that you have on this subject. Please give us a call at 281-251-3531.