Do you accept Insurance?

Yes we do, however, not all insurance companies pay for chiropractic care. The good news is that they cover more today than in the past, and most will contribute to at least a portion of your care. The best thing to do is calls us and talk to one of our staff members. If your insurance is not accepted we will figure out a plan to make your treatment affordable.

How much does the first visit cost?

The truth is that we can’t know much it is going to cost without knowing what the problem is. We offer a FREE consultation to give you an honest answer, and determine what you need.Exams range 40-100, treatment modalities range from 20-60, and x-rays range 20-100.

What to expect the first day…

We hope that your expectations are exceeded. First, a warm reception with digital paperwork and a self-service coffee bar. The doctor will then consult with you to determine the extent of your problem. A comprehensive exam will be performed and digital x-rays will be taken if medically necessary. These findings will then be studied and compiled for review with you as soon as the next day.

Treatment on the first day will be determined by the doctor.

Are X-Rays Necessary?

Not always, it depends on the severity of the conditions that you are experiencing. With that said, it’s a good idea, as it allows my staff and I to get a full understanding of your conditions and to rule out any underlying complicating factors. However, under no circumstance will we x-ray you during pregnancy.

I have been injured…

If you have been injured in a car accident or on the job, we provide full relief from these types of problems both physically and mentally. We handle the paperwork and mediate with THIRD PARTY, LAWYERS, and CASE WORKERS, with the goal of unloading the stress and allowing you to heal.