Tips to Prevent Aches and Pain While Traveling

    Created : October 26, 2018

    Tips from our Houston Chiropractor to Prevent Aches and Pain While Traveling

    For a person who is living with chronic pain, travelling can be a daunting experience. The images of the travel in uncomfortable seats on the plane or train and the long waiting lines and the exhaustion that comes with travelling can make a person give up traveling. However, you do not have to cancel your trip because of pain. There are some tricks you can use to alleviate your aches and pain when travelling. You can visit We Got Your Back Chiropractic Rehabilitation in Houston, TX for advice from our experienced chiropractor.

    Get Comfortable as Soon as Possible

    Make the effort to get comfortable as soon as you get in the car, plane or train. Irritation however small at the start of the trip can be a source of pain later on the trip. To avoid misaligning your spine, do not put anything in your back pocket. If you are driving, sit as close to the steering wheel. Ensure that your back is aligned with the seat. For some, it might mean using a cushion for extra support. If you are one of them ensure you have the extra support before you set off.

    Make the Ride Smooth

    Bumps on the road can cause pain later in the trip. If you will be taking your car, ensure that you replace worn out shocks to limit the bounce. Replace worn out tires and consider reducing the tire pressure for a smoother ride.

    Get up and Move Around

    Sitting in one position for a long time can stiffen the back muscles and cause them to ache. If traveling by car, stop frequently and get out of the car to walk around and stretch. Additionally, when permitted on flights, take the time to get up and move around. Movement normally stimulates blood circulation.

    Carry a Cold Pack

    If you experience back pain, it would be a good idea to bring a cold pack or ice pack in the car. It helps reduce inflammation if any. To avoid ice burn, ensure that you use a towel. Ice packs can also be brought on planes, but they must be completely frozen while passing through airport security!

    Contact our Houston Chiropractor at We Got Your Back Chiropractic Rehabilitation

    Travelling does not have to be a nightmare, with the above tips and additional tips from We Got Your Back Chiropractic Rehabilitation. However, if you still experience pain after traveling, visit our chiropractors in Houston to relieve the pain. We have two convenient chiropractic clinics in Houston, to contact our Vintage Park chiropractic office, call 281-751-9112; for our North Loop chiropractic office, call 281-251-3531.

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