Frequently Asked Questions About Text Neck

    Created : October 26, 2018

    Common Questions About "Text Neck" With Our Houston, TX Chiropractors

    Since the era of using electronic devices to conduct business and keep in contact with friends and family has taken hold of our time, the possibility of neck pain as a result of constant use of these tools has become a concern. Seeing our chiropractors at We Got Your Back Chiropractic Rehabilitation in Houston to minimize discomfort associated with this condition is an option. Here is some additional information about neck pain associated with the chronic use of cell phones, tablets, and computers.

    What Does The Term Text Neck Mean?

    Text neck is a term from the pain you experience in the back of your neck after you use electronic devices regularly or for long durations of time. This pain is the result of poor posture from looking down at a device regularly. It can happen rather quickly after a long session of staring at a screen, or it can build up and start occurring over time.

    How Can I Avoid Getting Neck Pain With Device Use?

    If you need to use devices regularly, limiting your time at the screen can be helpful in keeping neck pain from occurring. Set a timer or a stopwatch to alert you when to take a break from device use. Make sure computer monitors are positioned at eye-level while you are looking straight ahead, rather than looking down at the screen. A holder for smaller devices can be beneficial in keeping your head from slumping forward when using your device. Stretching your arms and neck before and after use can also be helpful to keep pain from settling in.

    Our Houston, TX Chiropractors Can Help – Call Us Today!

    If you are experiencing neck pain, seeing our chiropractors at We Got Your Back Chiropractic Rehabilitation can help relieve it effectively. Our practitioners use several non-invasive procedures to relax your body and reduce discomfort. Adjustments of the spine can relax the body and promote proper posture. The application of heat or ice to areas affected by pain or massages of the neck, also help to reduce pain.

    If you want to stop neck pain you believe is caused by device use, call We Got Your Back Chiropractic Rehabilitation in Houston to make an appointment. Our chiropractors can be reached at (281) 251-3531.

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