Non-Medical Reasons for Lower Back Pain

    Created : June 26, 2019

    Other than headaches, lower back pain is one of the most common ailments that sends people to the doctor. While back pain can have serious causes, most of the time the pain is caused by non-medical reasons. To overcome the pain, all it takes is a few lifestyle changes.

    High Heels

    Ladies, you might not want to hear this, but your cute sexy high heeled shoes or sandals might be the reason for your back pain. As you precariously balance on those slim heels, you're putting stress on your legs and hip muscles, which ultimately leads to pain in your lower back. If you have to wear heels, try taking it down a notch and wear shoes with a heel no higher than two inches.

    Flat Shoes

    Wearing flats, such as ballerinas or flip flops, is equally bad for your back. Neither of these shoes has proper support which can lead to a variety of problems such as heel pain, cramping of leg muscles, hip pain and lower back pain. If you want to wear flats, try a quality sneaker instead. Sneakers generally have excellent support, and will not only have you walk more comfortably, but will avoid future pain.


    Whether at work or at home, very few people maintain a correct sitting position. After all, it's so much more comfortable to slouch than to sit up straight. Yet this slouching might be the reason for your lower back pain. While there's no need to sit ramrod straight all day, get a chair with proper back support at work and maintain a comfortable but proper sitting position while watching TV.


    Have you ever paid attention to how you walk and stand? If you're not sure of your posture, glance into a store window as you're passing by. You might notice that your back is stooped. As soon as you notice that your posture is less than perfect you can correct it and in due time it will become second nature to walk straight and put your shoulders back.


    People often hurt their back while lifting a heavy object. They bend over, lift, and  the next thing they feel is a pinch in their back, which can develop into a serious back injury. The next time you have to lift something heavy, bend through your knees into a squatting position and let your legs do the work. Avoid twisting and turning while carrying a heavy object and don't make any sudden movements. Most important of all, if you think something is too heavy for you to lift, leave it and get some help.


    Your mattress or sleeping position could be to blame for your back pain. Sleeping on your stomach might be comfortable, but it's not ideal for you back. It is recommended to sleep on your side, or better yet on your back. For added comfort, you can slip a pillow under your knees. Your mattress should be neither too hard or too soft. Medium density is recommended.

    Considering how painful lower back pain can be, it's worth it to pay attention to your everyday lifestyle. If need be, make a few changes.

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