About Us

“The only people that truly care about your well being are the ones you would say “have your back”, be it friends, family, or loved ones.”

We Got Your Back Chiropractic

We are your friendly neighborhood Doctors who have started a business because we are different. I care, my team cares, and we want to show you real healthcare, how the body truly functions, and how to PREVENT problems in the future. We recognize that there are many doctors and a wide range of choices regarding your health and the health of those you love.

This is why we stay on top of and deliver the latest treatments in order to bring you effective and lasting musculoskeletal pain relief. Chiropractic is based on the scientific fact that your brain controls your nervous system, which regulates your body. In order for this communication to take place properly, the structure that supports it must MOVE properly.

Your structure is made up of bone, disc, ligament, and connective tissue; which protect your nervous system. Your muscle is made up of fibers, fascia, and tendons which protect and move your structure. When your muscle or structure impedes your nervous system, the result is a decrease in function which may lead to symptom and then disease.

Restore Motion and Improve Function that is what chiropractors do. With injury or dysfunction, you must address all aspects of the problem in order to achieve true recovery.

Here at We Got Your Back we do are best to ensure that affordable high quality chiropractic care is accessible to as many people as possible. We are in network with all major insurance carriers Medicare, worker’s compensation, personal injury, third party, personal injury protection (PIP) and attorney patients.

Dr. Tyler Slagowski.